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African French Speaking Organisation (A.F.S.OR)

The African French Speaking Organisation "AFSOR" is a Black and Ethnic Minority group set up to gather together the French speakers from Central, West and North Africa, including the neighbouring country Madagascar.

AFSOR is aimed at providing its disadvantaged children and families, disabled, young and elderly people with additional education, training, sports, recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare.


The organisation main objectives include:


> Enable its members to play a fuller role in the Big Society as a whole

> Help children and young people to achieve their potentials

> Relieve poverty, isolation, stress, sickness, depression

> Relieve the English language barriers

> Help its members gain skills and qualifications for life

> Provide information

> Secure lasting improvement of social life through employment

> Facilitate its members' integration into British Society and increase their confidence and self-esteem


Improving our services 

To improve our services, the Trustees and freelance workers including volunteers attend professional trainings held by local and regional institutions.

Our activities are often visited by the funder representatives. Our income is also checked twice a year by an independent accountant. Internal and external polls and feedbacks help us to keep improving our services.  


The Trustees oversee how the organisation is run. They meet once every month, but can also meet at any time in case of any emergency matters.

The Management Committee Members are assisted by the Organisation’s (AFSOR) Council Committee formed of some members who led the organisation in the past years, including volunteers. The Council Committee Members meet twice a year either to prepare the AGM or to discuss matters arising for and/or against the organisation.

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