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Below are some of the clients testimonials we have received so far.

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. Giving your time, skills and creativity can make an amazing difference.  


Each day on the Newsdesk, our volunteers from the news team bring you news about our activities, trainings, workshops and many more.

News Desk


* Project name: Story Telling and Drama

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the activity you have carried out.  Children and young people who where involved in drama exhibition perfectly played their roles

I regularly attended the sessions from the start to the finish and it has been a pleasure to be able to understand how and why we have people like Mohamed Ali, Joe Frazer, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and so many other black people across the world are all originally from Africa, but do not know which African country each of them is from. I really enjoyed listening to the African storytelling especially when the story turned into drama.


Sarah James






Hi AFSOR Leaders


Thank you enough for running sportive activities at Lea Valley Athletics Centre. I can actually measure the strength needed by people who compete in athletics before winning a medal. Your activities inspired me a lot so that I wish to become a 100 meters racing champion one day.


Jean-Jack Kiangany (11/yr/old)






Firstly, may I congratulate you on a highly effort you have made to collect the African Art samples you used to run your

project. Each art sample represented a symbol of an African culture. I am now convinced that the African forerunners had

their own good traditional cultures but which were dismissed through the waves of colonisation.

Please keep informing your children and young people how your ancestors lived and why their cultural traditions disappeared.


Sophie Coulthard





Thank you for the ESOL classes. I know how to book an appointment with my GP; I can understand a little bit what people are talking about in English. Please organise more ESOL classes. I want to speak English very well. Please give donations to our organization.


My name is Mama Vickie Nsasa


Your ESOL Classes and IT / Employment skills training were consistently amongst the best prepared projects. Tutors were

fantastic: approachable, ready to understand what we lacked of; while the project leader, the staff and volunteers were very

impressive and ready to help. The basic communication, IT and employment skills training I gained will lift me to another

level of skills for life.


Thank you funders, thank you AFSOR leaders for all you do and you have done and/or you have planned to do in the future for

the sake of Black and Minority Ethnic community


Mr Chibo Ngala Mulume






I have been impressed with your workshops which attracted so many people from diverse communities. From what I have seen and

heard, that was a really good subject to debate when leaving in a mixed cultural community.


I enjoyed updating my knowledge on community diversity ways of dealing with children and young people anti-social behaviour.

The best souvenir I kept from your project is that I have a clear understanding of the ways people from Black/Asian

(including Chinese and Japanese) Minority Ethnic “BAME” grow up their children.


My great thanks go to the African French Speaking Organisation leaders.


Mohamed Usman Hussain





We express our deep gratitude to Enfield Council for providing our organization with a workspace. We can now go to the Community House in “drop-in” and “surgery” hours and tell our feelings related to social-life to the leaders of our

organization in a strict confidentiality. Through our group management committee, we will listen to what our Enfield Council will ask us to do.


From AFSOR Youth


* Project name: Sports for All


* Project name: African Arts Discovery


* Project name: ESOL & ICT


* Project name: Parenting Across Cultures


* Project name: Workspace provision

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